Gary and crew setting up the sugar taps!

Tapping for maple syrup isn’t an easy process with several feet of snow on the ground, but that doesn’t stop Gary Corey. He and his crew brave the cold weather so they don’t miss the first sugar run of the season.

Gary is the founder of Corey’s Maple Orchard and a sugarmaker leasing trees on the Adams Farmhouse property. He gathers sap in his sap house tanks (which can hold thousands of gallons), transports the sap by tractor trailer to his sugar house, and along with sap he gathers from other locations, produces up to 350 gallons of syrup an hour with the largest evaporator in the State of Vermont.

Corey’s Maple orchard will be open to the public during Vermont Maple Open House Weekend, which will take place on March 23 and 24 this year. This is an annual event in which sugar makers across the state open their doors to the public, inviting visitors to experience this remarkable time of the year in Vermont!

Syrup produced by Gary and Danielle Corey.

You’ll get to learn all kinds of things about sugar tapping—for instance, did you know that depending upon how much sugar content there is in the sap, it can take 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup?

You’ll be able to taste warm syrup, see the steam laden with the smell of maple syrup and ask questions to learn about the whole process. Some places serve sugar on snow, or donuts, or in the case of Gary’s sugar house, the very best cinnamon rolls frosted with maple cream. With over 65 participating sugar houses, you can make this weekend as big of an event as you’d like!

Click here for a map of participating sugar houses.

From Adams Farmhouse, it’s a short trip to many of the open sugar houses.  Book your stay now and don’t miss out on this very special weekend!

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