There are two covered bridges within walking distance from Adams Farmhouse.  The Morgan Bridge is the one that as a child, I would walk to most often since I had to travel through it to get to my best friend’s home.  There was a pool of water under the bridge that was a favorite spot for anyone wanting to cool off in the hot summer after working all day in the hay fields.  Our dad used to let us go there with him, but we weren’t allowed to go without a grown-up because the water was over our heads. (We were much shorter then, my three sisters, my brother, and I!)

The water was very refreshing, but sometimes you’d probably have had to call it down right frigid! The river was fed from streams coming directly off the mountains.  People didn’t seem to mind back then, because there were no homes with pools in the area.  People still visit that pool in the summer!

The second one is the Mill Bridge a little farther down the road. As you would probably guess, there was once a saw mill near this bridge. This mill is no longer there, but a privately owned operation located just before the bridge does cut some lumber. At one time, Belvidere was home to multiple saw mills.  If you are hiking along the river, you just might stumble across remains of some of those mills!   

The view of the river through the windows inside these bridges is amazing. In the winter, there are spots of open water running through the ice, which makes for very interesting patterns (be sure to bring your camera!).

Spring and summer bring fresh green leaves and flowers along the banks, while autumn paints the landscape in vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges of surrounding maple trees. Each season has its own beauty to enjoy, so pack your bags and plan your vacation to Vermont!

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